Legal M&A for small and medium-sized companies
We specialise in providing legal advice on business acquisitions, including corporate restructuring (mergers, spin-offs, seggregations) and assets transactions. We are also experienced in the transfer of production units within the framework of insolvency proceedings. Our firm’s vision is that it is perfectly possible and highly advisable to approach these transactions among small and medium-sized businesses under the same principles, procedures and criteria applied in larger assignments.

Start-ups & Entrepreneurs
We co-operate with various Business Schools and Business Incubators, thereby offering legal support to those projects that reach the latest development stages. Our advice covers the three most critical stages of the new businesses: the setting-up of the legal entity, the design of the basic agreements among the shareholders and support during the first rounds of financing.
Employment Restructuring
Our employment-law practicioners have acted in tens of Employment Restructuring Processes and other employment-law procedures for the collective modification of employment conditions, providing legal advice to Employee’s Committees and employees’ representatives in their negotiations with the companies’ management, either acting direcltly in the negotiations or advising the workers during the conversations, as the case may be. We are persuaded that our professional background and profile allow us to provide a different approach than the one of the Labour Unions, whose representatives we usually work and cooperate with. We have succeeded in maintaining independent and realistic positions during the negotiations, without prejudice of the necessary cooperation with the Unions’ representatives, who also represent and advice the Employees’ Committees. Additionally, our technical background as employment-law practicioners provide us with a competetive advantage in order to uphold in court the collective or individual interests of the affected employees, should the restructuring lead to litigation.

During recent years, our employment restructuring team has taken part, among others, in the following collective employment restructuring procedures:

  • 2009 “WYETH FARMA, S.L”
  • 2010 “WYETH FARMA, S.L” (ampliación ERE)
  • 2011 “WARNER CHILCOTT, S.A.”
  • 2011 “PFIZER, S.A.”
  • 2011 “CEPHALON PHARMA, S.L.U.”
  • 2012 “SANOFI PASTEUR, S.A.”
  • 2012 “LEO PHARMA, S.A.”
  • 2014 “ROCHE FARMA, S.A.”

Economic Crimes Unit
We represent and advice individuals and businesses involved in criminal procedures concerning asset-related crimes, tax and Social Security crimes and similar matters.
Criminal Compliance
Some of our lawyers within the Economic Crimes Unit specialise in the design and development of Criminal Compliance programmes, whose purpose is to implement control and prevention plans that allow companies and legal entities in general to reduce as much as possible the risks of being involved in criminal responsibility derived from their activities, specially after the coming into force of of the amendments to the Criminal Code introduced by the Organic Act 1/2015, dated 30 March.
Consumer-law and Digital Economy
After more than a decade working together with the in-house lawyers of several leader companies in the Spanish retail industry, our firm has acquired valuable experience in matters such as the administrative regulation of consumption and advertising, product safety, e-commerce and data protection. Our services include preventive and consulting advice, as well as legal defence in civil and administrative procedures.
Several lawyers of our Consumer and Digital Economy Unit provide specialised legal advice to franchising networks, as well as to individual franchisees in matters relating to the setting-up of the franchising network (legal design of the franchising agreement), anti-trust regulations and disputes derived from the franchisng agreement.
German clients (“ZuRecht Spanien”)
Peñafort specializes in advising international clients, especially in the Spanish-German context. Our German Desk provides specialized legal advice to individual clients and German companies with interests in Spain. We are member of the German Chamber of Commerce in Spain.

In addition, we accompany Spanish companies and individual clients with interests in Germany. We cooperate with law firms of reference at international level in order to give ourclients the ability to coordinate all legal matters centrally.

Our professionals have a proven experience and also the sensitivity necessary for a successful intercultural communication.

Fernando Carvajal, Socio-Director
Axel-Dirk Blumenberg, Socio

International Management:
Nuria Losa Meléndez


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